Crisis of the Week: Shopify CEO Battles Short-Seller Critic

“Mistakes and crises are not uncommon among U.S. corporations and people will likely forgive and forget.”

3 New Critical Social Media Constructs

While most online marketers struggle to keep pace with social media’s rapid evolution, the Wharton Club panel discussion, featuring Jacques Hart’s Roar Media revealed three key constructs that serve as a universal framework for effective social marketing programs.

Giving Away Free Ideas Can Grow Sales

True or False: giving away free online content, services or products will erode offline sales.

Instagram Advertising has Landed: Here are the Keys to Success

It’s been close to three years since Facebook bought Instagram, but advertising opportunities for the world’s largest photosharing app only became available in the past few months.

Pushing One-to-One Marketing Beyond Email

You get it. Email needs to be relevant, timely, and personalized, and it has to arrive in the inbox—not the spam folder. When an email renders, it should load images perfectly, guide the eye through stunning, effective design that drives subscribers to convert—download, purchase, whatever.

Will Trump be good for South Florida’s economy?

An annual gathering of South Florida business leaders focused on an economic wild card that few had predicted: President Donald Trump.