She Travels, She Decides: Understanding the Power of Women in Travel and How to Cater to Them

Everyday is International Women’s day When it Comes to Travel Decisions

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and National Women’s Month in March, it’s critical to recognize the significant role women play in the travel and hospitality industry. Women not only make up a substantial portion of travelers worldwide but also wield considerable influence over travel decisions for families, friends, and solo adventures. Understanding what women seek in their travel experiences is not just a matter of equality; it’s smart business. Let’s delve into how women make travel decisions, what they’re looking for, and how travel and leisure companies can cater to their preferences to boost their bottom line.

She’s Calling the Shots

Statistics reveal that women are at the forefront of travel decision-making. According to a study by Forbes, women make 80% of all travel decisions globally, controlling a spending power of $73 billion annually in the U.S. alone. This includes everything from destination selection to booking accommodations and planning activities. Additionally, research from the Boston Consulting Group shows that women contribute to 70% of overall travel spending worldwide. These numbers underscore the significant economic power women hold within the travel industry.

 What Women Want

When it comes to travel arrangements, women prioritize safety, comfort, and memorable experiences. They often look for destinations that offer cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, wellness retreats, and opportunities for relaxation. Family-friendly amenities, like childcare services and kid-friendly activities, are also important for women traveling with children. Solo female travelers seek destinations and accommodations that prioritize their safety while also offering opportunities for connection with other like-minded travelers.

Catering to Women’s Preferences:

  • Experiential and Cultural Travel: Offer curated experiences that cater to women’s interests, such as cooking classes, art workshops, or heritage-tours.
  • Wellness Amenities: Provide amenities like spa services, yoga classes, and healthy dining options to promote overall well-being.
  • Safety Measures: Implement robust safety and security protocols and provide resources for solo female travelers, such as secure accommodations and local safety tips.
  • Community Building: Organize female-only group travel experiences or networking events to foster connections and create a sense of sisterhood among female travelers.
  • Sustainable Journeys: Women are also eco-travelers. Be sure to offer them sustainable options when it comes to cuisine and hotel confections. In addition, present them with walking and hiking tours or other activities where they can enjoy the great outdoors. 
  • Family Travel: One of the main reasons women pursue travel is to experience the world with their families. Offer them family-friendly activities and multi-generational reunion options.


Best Practices for Marketing to Women:

Successful marketing campaigns targeting women often emphasize authenticity, inclusivity, and empowerment. Airbnb’s “Made Possible by Hosts” campaign, for example, highlights diverse hosts and travelers sharing their unique stories and experiences. Similarly, REI’s “Force of Nature” campaign celebrates women in the outdoors, resonating with female adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Both have proven to be successful at drawing more female decision-makers to their businesses. 

  • Authentic Representation: Feature diverse women in marketing materials to reflect the inclusivity of your target audience.
    • Visual Storytelling: A picture can be worth a thousand bookings. Capture and feature authentic and real photography to stitch a narrative around the joy, the peace, or the adrenaline rush your destination offers to women.
    • Stand for Something: Show off your brand’s heart by highlighting your commitment to sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility. Let them know that choosing you means choosing a brand that gives back.
    • Celebrate Diversity: Ensure your marketing mirrors the tapestry of women that book your offering. Representation matters, and seeing oneself reflected in your brand can turn a maybe into a definite yes.
    • Influencers can Be Very Authentic: Partner with influencers who are genuine, honest and original—the ones who share your DNA and culture will help your message resonate deeper. 
  • Personalized Experiences: Tailor offerings to cater to different interests and preferences–making women feel like they belong–whether it’s adventure travel, cultural exploration, or relaxation.
    • Segmentation is your Secret Weapon: Craft your copy by tailoring it to different types of female travelers—the solo explorers, the memory-making families, the thrill-seekers. It’s about making each reader feel seen.
    • Handy Tips and Tricks: Practical advice never goes out of style. Be the go-to for all things travel in your category, from packing hacks to navigating foreign public transport. It’s about being invaluable to their planning process.
  • Engagement and Feedback: Connect with women by actively seeking their input through social media, surveys, and focus groups to continually improve and refine your value proposition. 
    • Stories that Empower: Showcase stories of your women guests—from tales of solo travel triumphs to interviews with trailblazing women travelers. Show them that with your brand you can enjoy uninhibited travel experiences. 
    • Social is Mobile: Women over index on social media and consume most of it via their smartphones. Offering an engaging social media experience is the best way to reach them on mobile. Along those lines, ensure that your website and booking engine is seamless and mobile-friendly as well. 

Ready to leverage female trends in travel? There’s no better time to tap into this influential market segment. Our expert team of women travel marketers is poised to create customized solutions tailored to your objectives. Contact us to unlock success and gain a leading edge in the ever-evolving hospitality marketing landscape. Let’s ensure your brand stands out as the ultimate choice for female travelers worldwide.