Facebook Retargetting

Facebook Retargeting in 60 seconds

By Katherine Moreno

Recognizing that companies are having a difficult time keeping up with the overwhelming number of developments in digital marketing, Roar Media’s new Digital Minute gives businesses the guidance they need to stay ahead of the trends and identify the best strategies and tactics to maximize their digital marketing efforts.

In this episode of Roar Media’s Digital Minute, Alex Wall, senior digital strategist, provides insight on Facebook Retargeting. Wall breaks down the process and principles of targeting a given audience or group that visits a specific webpage, and explains how to utilize the data acquired to then advertise to that same group via the world’s largest social media platform: Facebook.

What is Facebook Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of automated and awareness advertising that enables brands to serve personalized ads based on the behavioral data collected on their websites or from their customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

By placing pixels on their sites, brands can customize the ads they serve to people based on the way they’ve interacted on the brands’ websites. Past web visitors will see ads tailored to their own interests when they navigate to their favorite blogs, news sites, or social networks on their desktops and mobile devices.

How does it work?

Facebook Retargeting can be used to amplify the content in your current digital strategy, or in a new campaign. Marketers can reach a broader audience by segmenting ads based on the search behavior.

For example, your business sells fitness gear. A potential customer lands on your website and leaves without making a purchase. If you haven’t implemented any tactic to reach that potential customer, the opportunity of engagement is lost.

By implementing Facebook Retargeting, companies can target custom audiences by placing specifically generated pixels on their websites. When those potential customers leave your site and searches for relevant keywords or are located in specific demographics, or any other parameters you have strategically selected for your campaign, your ad will end up on their feeds at a later time. Facebook’s powerful Retargeting tool enables advertisers to serve ads to consumers who have already shown interest in specific products, services, or brands.

Who can I target?

Facebook Retargeting enables advertisers and businesses to reach visitors who:

  • Visited certain sections or content types on your site with similar/related content to encourage revisits
  • Visited a particular section or page of your website, but did not complete an action like purchase or sign-up
  • Bought a particular product with related products or accessories to cross-sell
  • Have not visited your site in a while

Here is a simple how-to on implementing Facebook Retargeting.

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