By Kris Conesa
Director of Media Strategy

It’s a paradox that in the era of 24-hour news, newsrooms across the globe are being diminished. Journalists on both the digital and print sides are being asked to do more with less—less staff, less resources, less pay and most importantly—less time.

While tragic for the fourth estate and the current state of public discourse in this country, this actually creates an incredible opportunity for an agency that truly understands the newsroom.

At Roar Media we take great pride in the fact that the vast majority of our media relations team is comprised of former journalists, editors and broadcast producers.

Why does that matter?

Because despite having less time and resources, reporters still need the next story and if you know how a reporter thinks and you know what a television producer is looking for, then those same overworked and understaffed newsrooms will come to rely on that agency to help fill the void.

They’ll come to us because they know that we, like them, are first and foremost storytellers.

We know how to communicate our clients’ news in ways that are compelling, timely and without the use of hyperbolic, meaningless fluff that adds no value to their publication or to our clients’ business goals.

They also recognize that as former journalists, we understand what a reporter or editor thinks is worth printing. We know what has news value beyond what our clients think is important and we know how to ask the right questions in order to unlock their subject matter expertise in a way that is valuable to an audience beyond our clients’ boardroom.

As former journalists, we are also expert consumers of media with a voracious appetite for every item making headlines and doubly so for the ones pertinent to our clients. That means we often know what’s happening in our clients’ industries before they do. It also means we have a deep understanding of complex issues and trends that are making news, and we know how to come up with creative narratives that are in line with those items making headlines, allowing us to position our clients in news-of-the -day coverage, and positioning them as go-to experts in their respective fields.

For these reasons, a smart agency knows every challenge is an opportunity in the making. Bound to the journalists we reach out to every day by our mutual passion for great tales, we allow our clients to share their stories with the world.

This is Roar Media. Welcome to our newsroom.