The First PC, Smartphone and Virtualization were Developed in South Florida

South Florida is a Budding Technology Hotbed Easily Capable of Repeating the Transformational Inventions

This week, the South Florida Technology Alliance highlighted 30 years of South Florida innovations that changed the world. More than 200 200 attendees gathered at a sold-out event to recognize the development of the PC, the first Smartphone, application virtualization and more.

Here is a video recap of the event:

Expert panelists and tech thought-leaders included:

  • John Sculley, former CEO of Apple
  • Ed Iacobucci, founder of Citrix Systems in Fort Lauderdale and developer of the original Microsoft-IBM OS/2 Architect
  • Patty McHugh, one of the infamous 12 at IBM who developed the PC in Boca Raton. McHugh is also known as the “Mother of the Motherboard”
  • Joe Sarubbi, who led the development of the IBM XT in Boca Raton
  • Jaime Borras, senior vice president of research with Motorola, who led the development of the “PushToTalk” technology and the Nextel phone in Plantation
  • Gary Wisgo, who led engineering for the “Simon,” the industry’s first Smartphone, which was a joint development of BellSouth and IBM