Marketing is continuously being defined and redefined. However, the goal of marketing remains the same: drive awareness, demand, and sales from current and new customers. –  basically “drive new customer acquisition”.  As a result, growth marketing is not redefining the goal of marketing, but it is changing the way that marketers go about the task of achieving their business and communication’s goals.

While growth marketers need to use critical thinking, analytics and new technologies to measurably improve their core metrics, they also need to think outside the box, push the envelope, and continuously identify better ways to solve problems and seize opportunities. A such, growth marketers are just  as analytical and pragmatic as they are creative and innovative.

Growth hacking involves identifying innovative ideas for capturing the attention of the target audiences but also turning the dial incrementally until you hit the “sweet spot,” and then turning on the juice to scale the results. In this way, it is the perfect synergy between “creativity and common sense.”

At Roar Media, this is how we rule the jungle.