Roar Media to Speak at SFIMA Summit 2012: Into the Social Media Stratosphere May 15, 2012

Digital PR: How to Use Digital and Social Media to Support your PR Efforts

Social media and digital PR has become the antidote to expensive, ineffective traditional paid advertising. As a result, brand marketers and agencies have significantly increased budgets for earned media and PR in 2011, 15% and 24% respectively. “Significantly increased budgets for earned media?” That’s right: although you cannot buy it, you still must earn it.

Join this session to learn how to deploy proven digital PR and social media strategies to earn conversational capital, stimulate demand and increase brand loyalty. Lessons include:

1.       The ROI of earned media over traditional paid advertising

2.     The definition and benefits of digital PR

3.       How to “hijack” media

5.       How to manage blogger relations

6.       The benefits of social media news releases

7.       Ways to optimize your news online

8.       How to manage your online reputation and crisis communications