Roar Media Panels the Event: 2nd Annual Wharton Social Media Event

Second Internet Marketing Event a Definitive Success. Click here to view the original event.

The Wharton Club of South Florida provided an encore presentation to last year’s hugely successful social media event on Tuesday, August 2, at the Storer Auditorium on the campus of the University of Miami’s School of Business. More than 100 attendees enjoyed a 90-minute presentation and Q&A session at the “Open for Business Online Analytics, Behavioral Targeting, Data Mining – The Great Equalizers of the Digital Market Place” event. The discussion focused on strategies and tactics to effectively establish and measure success of Internet marketing and social media programs. The panel of experts included Elea McDonnell Feit, research director with the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative; Jay Berkowitz, CEO of; University of Miami professor Alex de Carvalho; and Jacques Hart, CEO of Roar Media.

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The panelists agreed on the importance of conducting research before establishing a digital marketing program, and they provided outstanding real-world case studies to illustrate this. One of the examples of consumer analytics is the application of social media monitoring, which is being used to understand what people are thinking and talking about. Successful social media campaigns require heeding the three “E’s” of social media: educate, entertain and engage. Social media monitoring tools, such as Radian6, can be quite costly, the good news is that other analytical tools are widely accessible and free. Finding them is as easy as “Googling” the desired application and tool.

Audience members sought the panelists’ advice on how to best leverage Internet marketing and social media for their businesses and ways they could measure their effectiveness. The panelists advised attendees not to fear Google, rather learn more about it and try to stay ahead of its ever-evolving methodology and solutions. The resounding theme of the event was that today’s business leaders need to begin asking their actual customers questions in order to determine what they want and how they want it communicated to them. Based on this, the brands will be better prepared to engage and interact with consumers and ultimately better sell and serve them.

Feedback was extremely positive, with many of the attendees remaining well past the end of the event to speak with the panelists and network with their fellow Wharton alumni.  The Wharton Club of South Florida routinely provides thought-provoking panels as part of its commitment to its members and the community.. Remember to follow the Wharton Club of South Florida via our own social media channels.