Roar Media Panels the Event: Online Marketing Summit-Miami

The Online Marketing Sumitt-Miami returned to Miami with a flexible, three-day “Super Regional” format. Jacques Hart, CEO of Roar Media, participated as a panelist in the Keynote Panel: Social Media “Hotseat.”

Keynote Panel Overview:

The keynote panel will enable attendees to hear from their marketing peers and the world’s elite brands as they delve into how their organizations have evolved into successful social businesses. The event will cover everything from internal social communications policies to business unit alignment (and of course getting buy-in from the Big Kahuna), as well as insights, anecdotes, stories and in essence one giant case study about how to succeed and avoid potholes along the way.


Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
Jacques Hart, CEO, Roar Media (@RoarMedia)
Alex de Carvalho, Social Media Director, Speaker & Professor (@alexdc)
Maria Harrison, Partner, Bullseye Strategy