Creative, Practical Team with Cross-Discipline Expertise

Hard-working talented professions

We are a strong, hard-working group of talented professionals with expertise in every aspect of marketing and communications, a creative but extremely practical-minded firm dedicated to achieving the results our clients require. Fun-loving and passionate about our mission, our team members apply themselves in creative environments they enjoy, which in turn makes it easy for our clients to enjoy doing business with us.

Digitally-savvy communicators

On the digital side, our team has extensive expertise in the latest best practices and technologies for advancing online communications programs – a vital part of any marketing/PR campaign in today’s rapidly changing environment. And our experience working at other top public-relations firms and global media companies taught us what clients really want: better transparency in terms of the fees they pay, more media-savvy PR counselors who have real experience working as journalists, and more practical, ROI-driven programs that support their specific business goals.

Client-centric focus

We believe the best testament of our abilities comes from our happy clients who choose to work with our team and expand our programs year after year. We’re always happy to put potential clients in contact with our current clients who can share insights about what makes Roar Media an ideal marketing-communications partner.

More importantly, we have strong backgrounds in many of the same industries our clients need to reach. We have extensive industry managing marketing-communications programs on the client side and the agency side, so we understand the dynamics of working on both sides of the fence. In addition, we have extensive experience working as former journalists, so we understand how newsrooms operate, how reporters think, and how to best work with them to have our clients’ stories told the way they want.