Paid Search Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Search engine marketing (SEM) enables advertisers to efficiently reach consumers at all points in their purchasing funnels and consideration cycles. Internet users who conduct online keyword searches are essentially “raising their hands” and actively pre-qualifying themselves for products or services. Savvy advertisers can easily “cherry-pick” and target these highly desirable audiences. As a pull-marketing vehicle, paid search often results in higher conversion rates and better return on advertising investment than other advertising channels.

Paid search marketing presents an extraordinary opportunity for marketers – but only when the programs are executed correctly. We maximize this potential by successfully structuring and optimizing programs to deliver strong returns aligned with our clients’ overall marketing objectives. We are differentiated by out ability to secure the results our clients need, as well as our commitment to detailed financial analysis and reporting in order to ensure the best-possible ROI for clients.

Roar’s paid search methodology:

  • Goal-Setting: Competitive analysis, market research and identification of goals
  • Forecasting: Keyword forecasting, development of keyword lists and budget allocation
  • Campaign Management: Management of budgets, keywords, creative, and landing pages
  • Performance Management: Bid management, campaign optimization, and ongoing testing to improve performance
  • Reporting & Analytics: Custom dashboards for real-time measurement and analysis