Search Engine Optimization

We deliver a proven methodology that drives measurable SEO results. Here are some of the reasons we why you’ll want to work with us:

  • Proven track record managing complex digital-communications programs for challenger brands seeking to differentiate themselves, increase traffic and conversions, and gain market share in highly competitive industries
  • Strong data-driven SEO methodology ensuring program success beginning with a comprehensive SEO audit based on industry and competitor benchmarking, internal site review, keyword analysis, analytics evaluation, etc. We base our strategies and tactics on insights and learnings by conducting deep data dives on website metrics and analytics
  • Deep understanding of how SEO works and has evolved. We believe in developing social signals as the most efficient means to achieve increased organic ranking and understand the intersection between content marketing and creation, organic search, and user-behavior
  • Comprehensive technology platform leveraging the industry’s best-of-breed digital PR and SEO resources, as well as proven experience using these tools in creative and useful ways to support our clients in today’s digital era
  • Multi-disciplinary team of seasoned digital and communications professionals, including content marketing, SEO, content creation, design, and analytics professionals
  • Practical, creative approach, and “can-do” attitude focused on delivering meaningful results
  • Client-centric, transparent, and partnership approach with high-level of strategic counsel and 24/7 service

Project Analysis (Project set-up)

Prior to providing strategic and tactical recommendations, Roar conducts comprehensive SEO audit and assessments. This data-driven assessment is based on site analytics, webmaster metrics, historical data, third-party and proprietary tools, and methodologies. This work includes:

  1. Technical website assessment
  2. Competitive website analysis and benchmarking
  3. Keywords research
  4. Content and meta data audit
  5. Social content landscape (content trends and consumption)
  6. Google Analytics account set up and configuration
  7. Universal Analytics account set up and configuration
  8. Goal conversion tracking setup

On-Site Factors (technical recommendations)

Roar collaborates closely with clients to determine the best course of action to implement key on-page factors and technical optimizations to enhance the site’s “findability.” In doing so, we provide clear, concise, and documented recommendations and illustrations for the following implementations and treatments:

  1. Frontend optimizations: Optimized body content; body text and content optimization; on-page optimization; content and keyword weight, density, and frequency adjustments
  2. Backend optimizations: Meta data recommendations (title and description); header tag revisions (H1, H2, H3, etc.); alt tags optimization. Work also includes URL optimization; URL structure and string revisions, etc.
  3. Technical factors: Robots.txt for directing crawlers; HTML sitemap; XML sitemap; Google, Yahoo, and Bing site verification; XML sitemap to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  4. Site speed assessment: Assess and evaluate site speed
  5. Content auditing: Conduct content audit focused on evaluating content freshness, authenticity, and length; as well as keyword density, placement, and stuffing
  6. Heat map installation and monitoring: Implement a heat map to generate real-time user feedback to increase traffic flow and conversions
  7. Multivariate testing: Conduct A/B Testing to measure the quantitative impact of specific website treatments and optimizations and how search algorithms react to these on-page modifications

Content Development (social signaling)

We collaborate with our clients to determine the best process and procedure for developing the optimal mix of sticky, in-demand content. Roar establishes a content guideline that will provide our content developers with the appropriate content filters (tone, voice, messaging, length, keyword integration, format, etc.) to ensure that content is aligned with our client’s goals and corporate values. Content considerations include:

Develop content framework:

  1. Develop a content framework based on finding our client’s unique positioning and voice in the marketplace
  2. Define content guidelines and topic buckets
  3. Identify general topics and filters
  4. Define content tone and voice

Content creation:

  1. Collaborate and brainstorm content ideas and specific topics
  2. Draft, design, and produce content
  3. Provide content oversight and direction
  4. Offer current site content recommendations for improvement and enhancement
  5. Collect, gather, and archive content

Content creation considerations:

  1. Quality:  We develop authentic, engaging, and sharable content that resonates with consumers.
  2. Quantity: Depending on the content format and output, our client and us agree to the quantity of monthly content produced.
  3. Type and format: Different text and multi-media formats will be considered and developed

Off-Page Factors (link-building)

Roar conducts aggressive content distribution and diffusion campaigns designed to secure content placements on high-value, third-party websites, blogs, and other digital media platforms in an effort to increase the total number of ULD’s and back-links. Content promotion consists of the following deliverables:

  1. Media outreach process:
    a. Identify vertical-specific, topic-relevant outlets to reach desired number of targets
    b. Reach out to outlets with content pitch
    c. Develop blogging relationships with authoritative blog sites
    d. Wait for outlet response, if none in two days, follow-up
    e. Submit new topics or submit content or remove from list
    f. Gauge feedback and set up cyclical submission
  2. Process Calendar: Execute the following process calendar:
  3. Link Building: Roar Media will build high-quality, static, inbound, one-way links.

Reporting and Insight

Roar recognizes the critical importance of comprehensive and frequent program reporting. This effort ensures that we study and glean crucial insights needed to advance the program. It will also gives our client’s the requisite information needed to effectively provide us with the appropriate direction and to close the feedback loop. As a result, we propose:

  1. Campaign reporting: Comprehensive, transparent reporting will be provided once per month. Ad hoc (deep dive) reports may be requested as needed.
  2. Weekly action trackers: Maintain and update detailed online “action tracker agendas” to provide accurate, updated client reporting and transparency about the progress of our program and manage our work on a weekly basis

Strategic SEO Counsel 

We provide value-added strategic counsel and support in the following areas:

  1. Conversion rate optimization
  2. Google Analytics: We work towards developing the appropriate analytics tracking including Google Analytics dashboard, media tagging, file tagging, and sales funnel development
  3. Google Webmaster
  4. Social media strategy integration
  5. Third-party vendor recommendations and selections as needed