Por definir ventas publicitarias en acuerdo UnivisiónYouTube

Para Jacques Hart, el acuerdo recientemente anunciado entre Univision Interactive Media y YouTube para la difusión de contenidos de Univisión, TeleFutura y Galavisión en el sitio de videos online tenía que ocurrir.

Roar Media Panels the Social Media Club Event: Who Owns Social Media?

As social media gains more traction, the biggest question we face is “Who owns it?” Is it the Public Relations department, Marketing department or Advertisers?

10 Signs You Don’t Understand Web Analytics

Web analytics has always been an important aspect of digital marketing, but only recently has it been considered critical to success. The data mined through savvy analytics tracking can maximize any marketing budget by driving conversions and results; however, this only comes to pass if you understand what the data are telling you.

Top 10 Savvy SEO Tips