A Digital Census Critque

This decade’s census cost taxpayers a whopping 325% more than the 2000 census, $14.5 billion. To justify this expense, the census organizer’s marshaled their best PR abilities to over-communicate their achievements along the way.

How One Company’s Thought-Leadership Content Is Driving New Business, Exposure

Since beginning our work Roberts & Durkee Law, we’ve maintained the importance behind implementing a digital marketing and social media strategy that integrates and focuses on a unique, personalized approach in advocating for the current housing epidemic of Chinese Drywall.

Roar Media Panels the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative Event: “Proof of Performance for Social media”

The Wharton Club of South Florida organized an event, “proof of Performance for social media” on September 29th at the University of Miami.

Some Investors Refuse to Lose Faith in Domain Names

As mobile technology changes fast, so do chances to invest in it. The popularity of Facebook pages and smartphone apps may signal the death of dot mobi.

The Fast Food Marketing Wars: Burger King vs. Domino’s Pizza

It was the perfect crime or so they thought. Burger King execs launched a major television ad campaign, which shows the King “stealing” the Sausage McMuffin breakfast sandwich recipe from its biggest competitor – McDonald’s.

The Fine Art of Video PR

As media fragmentation and transformative new media render centralized broadcast and top-down marketing models virtually ineffective, marketers are looking for ways to leverage the power of online video.

South Florida Technology Alliance Selects Roar Media As Its Public Relations Agency of Record, Adds Jacques Hart to Board Of Directors

Roar Media builds new website and is added to the board.

Secrets for Taking the Lead in Mobile Search

A spatial shift from web search to mobile search is creating powerful new opportunities for savvy marketers.

Search Engine Optimization is Killer App for Mobile

The emergence of the smartphone – a Web-enabled phone that acts like a mini-computer – as the hottest new consumer device in decades is creating powerful new synergies for savvy marketers.

Another Challenging Year for Dade Service Firms

Jacques Hart, CEO of Roar Media is featured in Miami Today’s article: Another Challenging Year for Dade Service Firms.