Time to seal the deal: Let’s put South Florida’s Tech Community on the map

With South Florida’s emerging tech scene enjoying strong winds at its sails, it’s time to work together more closely to institutionalize our brand and strengthen our national leadership positioning as a tech hub.

Make sure .MIAMI is right for your business before making a move

Is a top-level domain for you? While every case is different and requires customized analysis, following is some practical guidance based on our digital-marketing acumen.

Crisis of the Week: Zenefits CEO Resigns After Compliance Failures

“Mistakes and crises are not uncommon among U.S. corporations and people will likely forgive and forget.”

Social Media Require Right Strategies, or They Waste Time Writes Jacques Hart

While attorneys and other professionals are beginning to see the dollar signs associated with social media marketing, many are failing to recognize that seizing the opportunity requires much more than slapping up blogs, Facebook pages or Twitter profiles.

Our community’s most generous givers help to build a Stronger Miami

United Way of Miami-Dade’s Tocqueville Society introduced a monthly breakfast series, titled First Tuesday, providing Tocqueville members with the opportunity to connect, network and broaden their personal and professional circles.

Crisis of the Week: Pharma Firm’s Drug Price Controversy

Business decisions should involve proper public relations planning. Crisis management should begin when life is good, before the crisis.

What’s in millennials’ wallets?

Savvy businesses are constantly seeking ways to understand and capture millennials as customers. Credit unions, it seems, are doing a better job at retaining and attracting the in-demand generation than traditional big banks.

Reputation Management: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Reputation management doesn’t always have to be about managing the negative, which is necessary at all companies from time to time, but about listening, responding to, and encouraging positive

Meet the 2015 Florida Fast 100 companies

It was a big year of growth for privately held companies in Florida and Roar Media made the list!

Crisis of the Week: AAC Holdings Deals With Patient Death

Any association with such sad, tragic news can send stock prices tumbling.

How Time Magazine Turned Bad PR Around After Wacky VR Cover

For the past several years, brands have attempted to crack the code as to what makes for globally shared content, hoping they will be able to create something—

PR: Bringing the right tools to the table

Here’s what leaders of some of our listmakers had to say about their recent work and trends in public relations:

Roar Media Ranked #4 Largest South Florida PR Firm

As ranked by the South Florida Business Journal, Roar Media secured the 4th position as the region’s largest PR firm, moving up from 15 from its previous spot in 2013 list of public relations firms.

How To Become Indispensable To Your Firm

Virtually no attorney is indispensable to his or her law firm, but lawyers
can bring themselves closer to that lofty goal by building key relationships
with current and prospective clients.

Checklist: 7 Steps to Creating a Plan for Business Growth

While that might seem like a lot of work, most business owners report their business plans were easy to create, and they were able to finish a one-year plan in less than a month. It’s important to approach the process methodically. If you want to create a business plan efficiently and quickly, follow this checklist of seven key items.

Crisis of the Week: Toyota’s Oxycodone Conundrum

Using the statements the company gave and Mr. Toyoda’s comments, we asked the crisis experts to evaluate how well the company has handled the situation, where it’s shined, where it’s stumbled and what it should do next.