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It’s a dirty little secret within the public relations industry that more than a few well known agencies rarely ever have a plan. What they do have is a media list. A list of every reporter they have ever been in contact with and many that they’ve never interacted with but their database tells them […]

In Turbulent Times, Your Company’s PR Is More Crucial Than Ever

In today’s highly polarizing world, companies often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. In a time when consumers increasingly expect brands to weigh in on political and social issues, companies find themselves in a precarious situation in which they must decide whether to step into the conversation, and if they do, what […]

Ahead of The Curve: Emerging Social Media Trends Your Company Can Pounce On

Even prior to the pandemic, social media had grown to become an invaluable asset that companies could leverage to engage with their shoppers and create new business opportunities. Upon the arrival of the pandemic and ensuing global lockdown, however, millions found themselves in search of an avenue through which they could rekindle that lost connection […]

Elevate Your Sales With E-commerce Advertising

Having an e-commerce business is one thing, but without the ability to drive traffic to it, what use is it? Building an online e-commerce presence is a solid foundation, but to truly thrive and prosper in the digital landscape, you have to court shoppers and come to them, not the other way around. E-commerce advertising […]

Preparing Your Company For E-commerce Prime Time

The coronavirus’s challenges have left companies searching for answers about how, or even if they want to communicate. Many find their pre-pandemic messaging doesn’t speak to the new normal with some responding by going dark.