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Top 10 Reasons Brands Should Listen to Social Media

Social media has simplified the art of the soapbox shout. Information is shared with the masses now using easy-to-use Web 2.0 tools and is recorded and cached for infinity. A shout out loud in social media has no geographic boundaries and is not time-limited. These two points make the non-stop monitoring of social media an […]

Essential Press Release Optiminization Tips

One of the most popular keyword optimization content types for SEOs and Public Relations professionals alike are press releases. As a news communication tool, the value of press releases has undergone changes.  However, press releases provide a substantial amount of content to news search engines and can rank well in standard search engines like Google […]

Pushing One-to-One Marketing Beyond Email

You get it. Email needs to be relevant, timely, and personalized, and it has to arrive in the inbox—not the spam folder. When an email renders, it should load images perfectly, guide the eye through stunning, effective design that drives subscribers to convert—download, purchase, whatever.

The Art and Science of Web Analytics: Going Beyond the Status Quo

Every business today is looking to improve on the ROI of its online marketing. From placing more compelling ads, to strengthening the return on specific marketing initiatives, to increasing customer conversions… getting customers to go from the click to the buy is the real endgame for most marketers.

Top 10 Savvy SEO Tips

Keyword strategy It all starts with the keywords you choose. You can have the best SEO strategy in place for your website but if you don’t put enough time and effort into the keywords you target everything else is useless. You need to choose the keywords that your company and website truly focuses on so […]

5 Tips to Create a Blog Plan for Long-Term Success

The following are five tips to help you create a blog plan that will make your long-term blogging success more realistic and less overwhelming. Keep your goals attainable: One of the most important parts of any business or marketing plan is to make sure your objectives are quantifiable and attainable.  The same holds true for a […]