The Fast Food Marketing Wars: Burger King vs. Domino’s Pizza

It was the perfect crime or so they thought. Burger King execs launched a major television ad campaign, which shows the King “stealing” the Sausage McMuffin breakfast sandwich recipe from its biggest competitor – McDonald’s.

Forbes/Google Study: Rise of the Digital C-Suite

How Executives Locate and Filter Business Information Click here to view and download the Forbes/Google Study: Rise of the Digital C-Suite Study Excerpt: CEO needs to locate information on a competitor, a business partner, a customer trend, or a news development. What does he or she do? To find out more about how the C-suite […]

10 Signs You Don’t Understand Web Analytics

Web analytics has always been an important aspect of digital marketing, but only recently has it been considered critical to success. The data mined through savvy analytics tracking can maximize any marketing budget by driving conversions and results; however, this only comes to pass if you understand what the data are telling you.

Top 10 Savvy SEO Tips

Keyword strategy It all starts with the keywords you choose. You can have the best SEO strategy in place for your website but if you don’t put enough time and effort into the keywords you target everything else is useless. You need to choose the keywords that your company and website truly focuses on so […]