Taking the lead in mobile search

Secrets for Taking the Lead in Mobile Search

A spatial shift from web search to mobile search is creating powerful new opportunities for savvy marketers. More than 400 million internet users currently access the web exclusively via their mobile phones — far surpassing those who access it at least part of the time via computer browsers

SEO or S.O.S? Shop Smart for the Right SEO Firm

Search engine optimization is a critical component to any company’s marketing program; however, achieving top ranking is a tricky endeavor as the field is very fluid, tactics are nebulous and many firms promise the world without establishing realistic expectations.

Search engine optimization is killer app for mobile

As long as companies continue to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to maintain a healthy presence in search engine results pages (SERPS), they will not be disenfranchised by the shift to the mobile Web.

Make sure .MIAMI is right for your business before making a move

Is a top-level domain for you? While every case is different and requires customized analysis, following is some practical guidance based on our digital-marketing acumen.

The Rise Of The Machines

SEO! Key words! Links! Backtracks! As we wind up the first decade of the 21st century, public relations copywriting plunges ever deeper into a jargon-strewn digital thicket that has become a crucial part of doing the job for our clients and ourselves.

Top 10 Savvy SEO Tips