At Roar, our focus and passion is to identify and push on key performance metrics by applying advertising methodologies that are testable and scalable. We drive measurable results for clients by delivering programs customized to their specific growth- stage and life cycle. We also leverage multiple disciplines to extract insights, identify the right messages, and target the right earned, owned and paid media channels for creating success.

Miami Advertising Agency

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Our goal is not to provide clients with theoretical strategies that sound lovely but do little to drive their growth. Rather, as a leading Miami advertising agency, we balance our creativity with common sense to develop programs that work and scale them at their specific growth stage. While sometimes this proves to be traditional methods of marketing, more often it involves identifying innovative ideas for attracting attention and helping our clients gain market share in a highly competitive, cluttered marketplace.

Miami Advertising Agency Overview

Aside from our growth framework, we also drive business results by helping clients penetrate and extract maximum value from their relationships with people known as “Centers of Influence.” (These COI’s come in many different shapes and sizes, but all are people who are deeply rooted in your target market and can help connect you to the kinds of customers or clients you seek. No matter the type of company, relationship-building strategies based on COI marketing is critical to success. We can help you effectively target your COI’s.

Miami Advertising Agency Services

For B2B companies, they are often power networkers and connectors who are well known and respected in their professional circles. We help businesses and professionals develop strategies that unlock their thought-leadership and quickly identify and connect with COI’s to drive an ongoing stream of referrals and word of mouth business.

For B2C companies, they are power socializers – either online of offline – who are at the vanguard of their affinity groups. They are the influencers and the brand ambassadors who can make or break products or services. For consumer companies, we help develop engagement platforms that resonate with influencers and create ongoing conversational capital.

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