Roar Media takes great pride in our uncanny ability to secure top-tier local, regional, national and international media coverage for clients that helps support their business goals. We secure deep, meaningful news coverage that helps our clients tell their stories, the way they need them told.

Miami Public Relations Agency

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How do we achieve this? Here’s our process: First, our team members listen to our clients. We take a deep dive into our clients’ businesses to understand their business goals, their target audiences and other key influencers, and their target markets. Then, we leverage the latest technologies and own own research to develop powerful media lists designed to prominently position clients in the specific media outlets that reach their target audiences. Next, we work closely with clients prior to their interviews, counseling them on how to best prepare so they may maximize their time with reporters. We provide media-training workshops on an ongoing basis to refresh our clients’ interview skills.

Miami Public Relations Agency Overview

Roar’s media-relations prowess also stems from a process that our firm calls “media sequencing” — a proactive, strategic approach rather than a reactionary, unfocused approach to securing news coverage. This is more time-consuming and labor-intensive for our team members, but we wouldn’t have it any other way because we know it’s required for maximum success. Our team members know that top-tier reporters prefer personalized, custom-tailored media pitches, and we also know that top-tier media outlets don’t generally publish news after their competitors or other smaller media outlets have published it. So, rather than blasting generic media pitches to massive distribution lists of reporters or sending mass news releases via the wires, we take a more strategic approach to identifying key reporters within top-tier media outlets where we want the stories placed. We develop customized pitches for every reporter and when appropriate, we offer the reporters exclusive opportunities to break the news before the release is distributed.

After the story has been told in these hand-selected media outlets, we then develop other custom-tailored media pitches to share with other media outlets further down on our priority lists. We continue this process strategically until our clients’ stories have been told everywhere they need it told. At that time, we distribute the news releases to the masses — but only after our news has been published exactly where we need it.

How can we achieve this? The Roar team is comprised of seasoned media professionals who spent years working as journalists in top-tier national and international newsrooms. The knowledge we obtained in these newsrooms cannot be acquired in school or anywhere else. This experience is part of the critical difference that enables the Roar team to secure meaningful publicity for our clients. This also applies to clients to have no major “news” to announce. In these cases, we are able to use our media experience to find ways to turn our clients’ mundane news into magic and secure coverage for them, and we also position our clients as subject-matter experts so they can be quoted in the media about key topics.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the news media, along with the latest technologies, to properly position clients in the news and successfully persuade their target audiences to take the desired actions. This ensures that our media coverage will bring value and benefit to our clients.

Miami Public Relations Agency Services

  • Print, broadcast and online media relations
  • Media training
  • News conferences
  • Corporate spokesperson
  • Crisis management/reputation management
  • Social media relations
  • Community relations
  • Employee relations
  • Analyst relations
  • Investor relations
  • Event planning and management

If your business or company needs the services of a Miami public relations agency, call us at (305) 600-1178, or email us at Roar Media’s team will be available to assist you and evaluate your public relations and event marketing needs in a timely manner.