Online Reputation Management

Internet search engines are not designed to deliver the truth or discern facts from fiction. Rather, they are designed to deliver the results their algorithms consider most relevant.  Unfortunately, a growing number of businesses and individuals are falling victim to negative feedback and reviews posted online. Many times, these posts are unsubstantiated, inaccurate, misleading or completely false. Regardless of whether they’re true or not, if they were posted online, these reviews are likely to appear whenever people search online for that company and can cause far-reaching negative impacts.

Unlike Roar Media, most online reputation management firms are by nature Internet marketing firms who only use Internet strategies. In many cases, they lack the expertise to deploy all the strategies and tactics that are critical for success, including generating positive media coverage in large traditional publications that yield high-page rank and will be displayed prominently online. As these large media outlets rank highly with search engines, coverage in these top-tier outlets can help push any negative posts far down in the results pages and out of the public eye.

Roar Media’s integrated, holistic capabilities in advanced online reputation management as well as traditional media relations enable us to develop the necessary programs to ensure our clients’ reputations are protected and secure.

Corporate reputation management solutions:

  • Protect your reputation
  • Monitor your reputation
  • Repair your reputation
  • Search-engine reputation-management (SERM)
  • Influence top listings in search engines

Our expert media relations and search engine marketing team members can quickly and efficiently protect and repair your reputation and brand.